Grow Your Own Heritage Wheat

Our wheat growing programme is something you can join too. In essence it is very simple: you supply the land, we give you the varieties to start with, for every seed we give you you give us back two. A good crop will see you getting up to 10 times the seed sown, if not more. This way we take the risk of growing together. Later should you want help to find a place to sell the wheat we may be able to also assist there too. The idea is to bring back heritage wheats to everyone’s fields

Seed to peasant bread residential course 16th-18th may 2023

This is a residential course for maximum 15 people at cost of £450 including all food and accommodation on site. The course will cover the process of growing, milling and baking ones own landrace or heritage wheat bread.

For more contact call Rupert on 07955387614

Buying Heritage Wheat From Our Projects

A land of lasting traditions

We work with some of the most unique mountain farmers. Alongside helping them grow their heritage wheats, we have made a commitment to open up a new market in the UK, for the oldest heritage wheats from Italy. We help mills, like Shipton Mill, and Matthews of Cotswold to source the best quality organic wheats, direct from the farmers. Our aim is to insure the growers and projects we work with, get a fair price, for growing their and our wheats in some amazing wild locations, and grow them without fertilisers and pesticides. The lower yields of heritage grain, means we must help them by ensuring a fair price. If you are looking to source specialty wheats for pasta, bread or anything else, we specialise in bringing those to the UK market. Our main focus are the Durum wheats of a forgotten past, because Durum is a simpler wheat genetically and it tastes better.


Contact us directly to talk about your requirements.

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