Our Shop for Pasta from Ancient Grain Flours

Ancient landraces from Sicily and Abruzzo make the best pastas in the world, we work with two cooperatives one in Sicily and one in Abruzzo who make organic pasta from the landraces they carefully brought back into cultivation. Sicilian Timmilia or Perchiasacchi, and Abruzzen Emmer and Durum pasta. Those are currently only available for large orders for UK restaurants and distributers, it is a fast growing market that currently has no footprint in the UK. We are looking for wholesale and large orders mostly but if you are interested anyhow let us know.


We have teamed up with one of the best small makers of Italian Sotto olio products. She is a grower of organic garlic, and makes a large variety of products, from olive oil to artichokes hearts, garlic creams, aromatised olive oils, and some amazing passata. The idea is to create a supporting range of products that can accompany our Heritage Italian wheats. Those are available for larger orders due to import issues, and so we are currently looking for a UK distributer for those as we do for the pastas and flours. If you are interested in this let us know

Sheep Cheese

expect to experience the unknown

Nunzio Marcelli is a legend of a man, a philosopher and a person who worked hard to protect the patrimony of the mountains of Abruzzo. Along everything else and running his own small resturant and bio-agriturismo, he and his family make some of the best sheep cheeses in Abruzzo. The sheep graze on the high pastures of the National parks, eating mainly medicinal herbs. Those are pecorino and ricotta that have no comparison with conventional cheese makers.

Like our other products we are currently looking for a main UK distributer, hoping someone will be willing to sell those along the other products we have on offer. 


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