Participate in a unique Experience: our events take you on a magical journey. It is sustainable tourism re-invented. The cutting edge in the industry, transporting people not only to a locale, but to an experience. The key point is a journey into farming and foods, which we have designed to make you question everything you know, why do we farm, do we even know the foods we eat. In the heart of our projects you will find a restaurant like no other, serving the real tastes now forgotten. We want you to find out what real wheat tastes like, landraces that are almost extinct, but we do not stop there.

We transport people into a culinary experience that catches a moment in time, the first pizza, the first bowl of pasta, love stories of how Gorgonzola was first invented. We want you to ask yourself a question about the foods we all eat, a question that will make you fall in love, that will take you back to the fields, that will make you farm again, because once you have eaten it you can not forget.


A Yurt Restaurant Like No Other

MonGoL ManGaL is a unique concept, Mangal means barbecue in Turkish, it is as if a mongol invasion comes to a farm, to highlight the best in the land, which is what nomads like to pillage.

In this restaurant we aim to bring you the best local produce, but with a twist. In each plate we transport you into a story, through taste first, because a lot of the foods you know were first made with ingredients that are now forgotten, like Pasta and bread from our heritage wheats, and trust us those will be unforgettable, because you have never tasted wheat as it should taste. The restaurant is a new concept in tourism, which argues that it is not enough to take people into new places, we must also transport them into experiences that have a message, and our message is that the first people to farm were nomads, that our foods taste nothing like they did. We created a menu full of forgotten recipes, trying to capture a story, a moment in time. The origins of a plate, the flour of heritage wheat, the real taste of the land.

Eating in this restaurant is coming into the court of a Mongol prince, and travelling with him through the best of a land, through a menu that tells us stories, it is a replicable model that merges the best of farm to fork, with experiential tourism which is the new step, where we take you to places you can not go, because they no longer exist.

Rewilding and Food

We have developed a unique tourism plug-in for Rewilding projects, one that is a moving campsite, based around tribal people in a given land, it helps Rewilding projects draw income from tourism, and it allows people a low impact way to enjoy the wild nature the projects work to Rewild. Like everything else in the centre you will find our heritage wheats, the cultivation that has taken us from nomads to peasant farmers.


expect to experience the unknown

Along everything, in the campsites we work on we like to bring people into contact with ancient tribal ritual, with stories of earlier people, we do not think the past is the future, we think that in order to understand the future we must know what and how we lived in the past.

Farming is a complex way of life, and currently, in order to practice it in a sustainable way we all have to invent a new meaning for healthier foods alongside a design for rural areas. It is not enough to think farm to fork. We need to create a complete business plan for the countryside, but in its heart we must know and remember the stories of people that have lived in it before, we must know how we lived on the land before, and so tribal content and nomadism is an important thing for any farmer to understand, because nomadism gave birth to sedentary life and agriculture, we must capture the why in the middle of it all.


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