Ancient Grains

As part of our project to help rural communities back into traditional farming, we have focused on heritage wheats that have been grown in the around Heartland in the mountains of Abruzzo. Wheat is the first human crop, and one that has travelled with us through time, it is this crop that made us sedentary and farm the land. We have researched old wheat varieties grown in Italy and now grow it on small plots of mountain land with some almost forgotten varieties with lyrical names such as Solina, Grano Del Miracolo, Saragolla and Carrosella. 

We have sought high and low to find the few people who still grow these landraces and aim to support projects further a field, around Italy and also in the UK, to grow these again.(A landrace is a species which has adapted, over time, to its natural and cultural habitat). We are also creating a market for these amazing Italian wheats in the UK and love to teach people about how simple it is to make their own pasta, bread and much more.

Hand Made Pasta

Tradition beyond time. Unlike popular belief pasta was not brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo. It had come to Italy from Greece, where is was called Lagana – the ancestor of Lasagna. Dough sheets boiled later developed into a hundred different shapes. Hand made pasta is the best way to taste Heritage Wheats. Durum wheats of the south, with the bread wheats of the mountains – Yin and Yang, black and white, bread and Durum, all from the oldest wheats available in the world, for a taste sublime. We supply old Durum landraces to UK mills, or directly to restaurants and pasta makers, contact us on 07895019028 if interested. 

Real Food

 Our primal contact with life is the taste of what we eat, and through it we aim to bring people back to the richness and depth of a way of farming that was lost, a depth of taste. Once in the not so long past we were peasant farmers, who were all geniuses at growing the best tasting foods, because they grew it for themselves, they did not grow it for profit, they grew it to eat. We are working to bring back those tastes as part of a social innovation in rural marginal areas programme, to give people back their secret farming methods.


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