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The Heartland Association’s mission, is to help growers get back to growing the original landraces, we work with pre green revolution varieties, mostly from southern Italy or the Mediterranean. We collaborate with a handful of growers who each have made it a life mission to save some of the earliest landraces of wheat. Together we work to change the world of militarised wheat, we import with mills, we exchange seeds with some of the world’s best heritage wheat independent growers. It is almost absurd how much the commercial world depends on those little projects right now. 

                We welcome you to this sustainable revolution.

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 We grew our first heritage wheats from small amounts with volunteers out in an abandoned farm in the middle of the forest in Italy. Bit by bit we developed a programme with small farmers and projects in which they too now grow some of the oldest wheat varieties in the world: Durum from Sicily, and Bread Wheat from the mountains of Abruzzo. We now also act as agent between some of the Italian co-operatives, small growers and everyone abroad. We help commercial mills to develop products based on heirloom and landrace wheats, and anything that helps landraces to be grown on a larger scale. 

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