Traditional Yurt Makers

…and Other Nomadic Tents and Tent Palaces

Asking yourself what do yurts have to do with wheat? The answer is that 8000 years ago it was nomads, in the Nartufian culture that have first domesticated wheat and settled down. We use the nomadic element – the campsite, as a tool to create a silent engine that allows farms to focus on regeneration, especially thorough the switch over from conventional agriculture. Our programme ties it all into one.

From sapling to frame, we make traditional Turkmen, and Mongolian yurts: the soft contrast of canvas on wood, the warmth of a felt inner lining and the wood-burning stove has made these amazing tents an alternative dwelling and attractive solution for campsites, a new way to host people in nature. The undeniable beauty of living in the round brings us all back to a tribal origins and a feeling of belonging.

Contact us to talk yurts, and to understand better how it ties with regenerative farming.

The Turkmen Yurt

Elegant, curved roof profile

Our yurts are all made from sustainable hardwood – we either source it on our own land in Abruzzo when we are in Italy, or buy it from a local friendly sawmill in the UK if we can not cut it down ourselves in a sustainable way.

We work the wood using all traditional methods, to ensure an amazing level of craftsmanship and quality of product. These traditional bent-wood yurts of the Turkmen people are one option for yurts for glamping sites, the other being the straight roofed Mongolian Ger. We offer many sizes and finishes of yurts, from small kid size, to grand palaces. The idea though is to keep the campsite element nestled in a working farm.

A one-stop shop of Glamping Products

If you are part of the growing sustainable tourism movement in Italy, and have, or looking to set up a glamping site, we can help you with the with all aspects from the choice of structures, to marketing advice.

True Nomadic Grandeur

We have a passion for grand tent palaces, and as part of Spirits Intent, our UK tent-making company, in collaboration or alone, have made some of the finest tent palaces in the world.

Learn the craft

Watch a video of our previous yurt making event, where we take peoplt step by step, through the a process centred around yurt-making.

From tree to Yurt

Mobile Saw Milling

Our mobile saw milling is a small operation, dedicated to demonstrating new ways of forestry, in which people can mill their own wood.


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