A Revolution in Sustainable Tourism

A way to diversify and bring income to marginalised areas, building small economy and interest, slow one person at a time sort of tourism and being, built hand-in-hand with a return to nature and organic farming. It’s a revolution because it brings us back to what matters, and it also gives us each a sustainable way to make a living from it.

An integrated model for farming ancient grains and small scale tourism

Our model is something no one else ever attempted, it is a merger of all small scale social innovation in rural areas in one place, the model is a business plan that allows you too to farm in a new way, making farm to form a central experience. We integrate sustainable tourism in the form of a small campsite, plots of heritage wheats, a small restaurant with a menu focused on experiential, on old recipes. We and a team of others have decided it is time to take tourism into the next platform, where it becomes an entry into sustainable life styles in the countryside. Giving both the owner and the client a deeper experience.

Countryside Re-invented

Social Innovation in marginal rural areas

The Heartland Association has created a new model in which farmers and small property owners diversify into sustainable tourism. As a partner of Tent Makers, Spirits Intent, we have solutions for everyone, be it a small tent campsite, Shepherd huts for a b&b, or an amazing wooden house or better still a mega yurt for restaurant. All are special ways to take your old country home and turn it into a social and economical engine, allowing you to go back to nature but in style. Our model brings it all together, farming heritage wheats in the centre, a restaurant for events, a small group of young people living and running the site which under new planing law they could arguably do if no other accommodation is available. The idea is to help people back into creating content in the countryside, allowing us all to have good healthy food, enjoy a deeper experience in our holidays, and help young people into working the land in a market that has priced them out of it. Call us to talk about your project

The way of the Heart

The Green Heart is our symbol because we call people to go back in time, starting small initiatives in nature, turning their country homes into havens… into living parks where nature and people can co-inhabit. Fifteen years in the field of sustainable tourism has taught us a lot: what works and what doesn’t and we are putting it all of it into practice, weaving it hand in hand with an ecological approach. Natural Camping isn’t just an economical venture, it’s a new way of living, allowing for small centres to pop up all over the land, regenerating Italy, like a phoenix that will rise from the ashes of abandonment, a fiery bird that brings innovation and renewal.

You develop your

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